After five years of game mastering, things tend to pile up… half-thought-out thoughts, unused ideas, small improvements and a ton of experiences. That’s why I made this blog, in order to finish a few of those thoughts, to share a few experiences and ideas, and to maybe give some advice. It’s probably a good place to share a few of the Fantasy short stories, tales and anecdotes, that I end up writing from time to time. And I guess it’s a reason too, that fantasy and TTRPGs could use one more trans perspective.

I’ve been playing TTRPGs for approximately 7 years now, starting with the relatively obscure Talislanta and D&D 5e, and I’ve been DMing for 5 years, mostly for a Pathfinder-Group playing in the Forgotten Realms which, strangely, still meets regularly. At the moment, I’m also working on a setting inspired by the medieval Balkans and a probably too abstract Cyberpunk-TTRPG inspired by Einstürzende Neubauten.